Flowers Bring Love into Your Home

Recently, Redfin Real Estate reached out to us inquiring how to bring Love into our homes. Naturally, I offered the value of fresh flowers, especially during the colder months of February. When the weather is still a bit dreary and the Holiday magic has been put away, we are left with a stretch of time before the return of springtime. This is the perfect time for flowers: spring blooms, bright colors, to add a bit of sparkle to our lives.

Flowers are consistently a quintessential way to bring feelings of love into your home. From the sweet fragrance to the eye catching color palette of a spring bouquet, bright blossoms emit an aesthetic that elevates your mood. Whether fresh-picked from your yard or gifted from a loved one, flowers can represent love and appreciation for whomever they grace.

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Photography: @laurapowersphoto | Floral Design: @fleurish___ 


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